Sunday, 26 June 2016

30 Days Wild day 11- Rainy days

Today I travelled back to Lincoln for a family party, which meant more wildlife watching from trains. This time it wasn't a bird of prey, but a roe deer. I love the way that elevated railway lines mean that you're looking down on fields It means you can see things which you wouldn't notice otherwise.

Back in Lincoln, it turned into a very rainy afternoon. I was walking back from the village green with my parents after wandering down to a street party when the heavens suddenly opened. We ran for cover.

However, the rain was just too tempting. It cleared the air, which had been growing increasingly muggy all afternoon, and the sheer speed of it bouncing off puddles was almost hypnotic. It was the sort of rain you get in picture books, which makes you long for welly boots and bright yellow fishermen's coats.

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