Wednesday, 13 July 2016

30 Days Wild day 23- Thunderstorm

The 24th was my boyfriend's graduation day, so Thursday saw us down in Cambridge again. We'd planned to head into town to meet a friend and maybe walk down by the river again, but the heavens opened as soon as we arrived. It was the kind of rain where you end up soaked in the space of 30 seconds, where the humidity which has been steadily building all day suddenly culminates. It reminded me of the sudden storms we had when I was in Tanzania over Easter; it was the African rainy season in East Anglia. 

So instead we ordered a takeaway, and listened to the thunderstorm go over. I always think there's something exhilarating in a summer storm, especially when you're warm and dry inside. For a little while, when it's directly overhead and the lightning flashes are concurrent with the booms of thunder, you can almost feel the charge of static electricity along with the humidity of the air. 

The storm took several hours to pass over, but afterwards it felt like everything had been washed clean. The air was cool, the humidity gone. The birds started singing again.

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