Tuesday, 19 July 2016

30 Days Wild day 25- Deep breath

We made our way back from Cambridge, which meant more motorway birding. Today we had a buzzard on a streetlamp, two hunting kestrels and a game of 'spot the raptor.' I managed to miss a bird of prey flying overhead at Peterborough services, which lead to a fun ten minutes of my boyfriend listing identifying features and me searching google images for possible answers. In the end we worked out it was almost certainly a red kite. Comparison to google images turned out to be a good identification tool, and it was surprisingly entertaining- at least it took our minds off politics!

We had another thunderstorm this evening. It had been muggy all day, and afterwards, the air felt fresh and cool and new.

The news and the internet were full of yet more coverage of the referendum. On Friday there were so many other things happening, but this evening it seemed to be all there was. I needed to just get outside. To feel the damp concrete of the slabs under my bare feet and breathe in the cool air and the smell of gardens after rain. To watch the dusk insects come out and hear the last birds of the evening singing. There's a peace to spending time outside, and it can calm and sooth me when not much else will. I needed that today.

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