Sunday, 24 July 2016

30 Days Wild day 30- Ducklings again

For the first day of 30 Days Wild this year, I went down to the beck in my village to look for ducklings. So, for the final day, I decided to go back, and see how much they'd grown.

I didn't see any ducklings large enough to be the ones from the 1st June. Many of the ducklings leave the beck once they get older, I suspect to go to other areas where there are more food resources and the population density of ducks is a little lower. However, there were still several families of ducklings, some of which looked very new indeed.

It was a great way to end this years 30 Days Wild. By the end of June it's beginning to feel like the frenzy of nesting birds is drawing to a close so it was a timely reminder that, even as Spring has turned to Summer, there's still an awful lot going on in nature.

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