Monday, 28 August 2017

30 Days Wild day 27- Storm

This morning I sat and had breakfast outside on the deck in the sunshine, enjoying the birdsong and the tame robin which came to look for crumbs. Then the rain started.

It was gentle rain at first, filtered by the canopy of the trees. The birds stayed active, flitting about the branches as they foraged. A small bird I didn't recognise at first, which I'm now fairly certain was a willow tit, emerged. It bounced from branch to branch for a little while before taking shelter amongst dense ivy covering a nearby tree trunk.

Soon, however, there was nothing to be done but to sit inside and watch the rain. As it got heavier and the thunder started to boom, there was that wonderful feeling of being surrounded by wildness while being apart from it. Normally, I find the idea of the wild exciting. But sometimes, it's nice to watch it from indoors, separated by layers of warmth and glass.

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