Wednesday, 28 June 2017

30 Days Wild day 18- Heslington East pt. 2

It's the York Festival of Ideas at the moment, and today I went to a talk on de-extinction. It's an interesting concept and one which I'm somewhat conflicted about, but that's not what my random act of wildness for the day was. The talk took me back over to Heslington East, this time during the full heat of the day. It felt very different- sun bleached and heat-hazed, with the wildflowers humming with insects. There was no sign on the hobby returning, but I watched a kestrel hunting. It sat on the top of a lamppost watching the ground before taking off, hovering for a second and then dropping down onto prey below.

A kestrel sat on the top of a lamp post

At the side of the lake, the air was full of damselflies, thin streaks of electric blue and green. Brown  butterflies which I didn't recognise were darting between flowers. The sound of skylarks was everywhere. I stayed as long as I could, until the heat and an orchestra rehearsal which I couldn't miss drove me home. But even as I walked back towards the city, some of the quiet stayed with me.

Looking through wildflowers (knapweed and oxeye daisy) to the lake on Heslington East

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