Friday, 9 June 2017

30 Days Wild day 5- Swallows in the rain

 It was a rainy day in York today, one of those days which, when I was little, I'd have referred to as "nice weather for ducks." The ducks I saw on campus did not seem to agree. I had to go round to a friends in the morning, so I decided to get out my waterproof and walk rather than catching the bus. I saw barely anyone as I walked- everyone seemed to be sheltering. The weather didn't seem to be stopping the wildlife though. The hedgerows and trees around the paths were still full of movement and the sounds of singing birds. And the rain really didn't seem to be stopping the hirundines. There were swallows and house martins swooping over the lake on campus, catching insects. That's nothing unusual, but they were directly over the bridge across the lake. Walking over it felt almost like being high in the air, with birds swirling alongside me and just above my head. It was well worth getting rained on for.

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