Friday, 2 June 2017

Day 1- 30 Days Wild 2017

Well, the last year has flown. It's the first of June, and that means the start of this year's 30 Days Wild. I'm really looking forward to taking part again and blogging what I get up to. It's my last exam as an undergraduate on Saturday morning, and so yesterday I made the most of the sunshine and did my revision outside in the garden. It was a real treat- I find it so much easier to concentrate with a background noise of bees buzzing and birds singing, rather than stressed muttering and loud typing in the library.

Foxgloves and goldenrod in the garden

In the evening, I decided to take some time off working and start 30 Days Wild off properly. We went for a walk just as it was getting towards dusk, down along the beck towards the village pond. It's one of my favourite routes for seeing bats, and they didn't disappoint. There's a certain point where the path opens out into a clearing, surrounded on three sides by trees and bushes, with a grass bank on the fourth side. If you stand still as the light is fading, the bats start to arrive. There were 5 or 6, different sizes and flight patterns marking out what I'm fairly certain were 3 different species. They flew close enough that I could hear the sounds of their wings beating over the blackbirds singing in the trees around us. The air smelt of cow parsley and elderflower. It was stunning.

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