Friday, 9 June 2017

30 Days Wild day 3- Nature for focus

Today was my final exam of third year, and of my degree. I like to get into uni early on the morning of an exam, especially when, like this one, it's a 9am start. I need the time to make sure I'm awake, as much as anything else. I headed in to uni just after 7, so it was almost entirely deserted; the path down to the biology department was lined with rabbits and singing birds. I couldn't really take much time to enjoy it, but I needed those 15 minutes walking and listening and breathing. It felt a little like mindfulness. Taking time to stop rushing, to focus on what I can see and hear and smell around me really helped to calm me and build my focus for the exam.

Cow parsley filling the space in front of a hedgerow with early morning light

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